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Why use an ID Card Printer?

The current method used is by affixing a photograph on the paper card and then laminating the same. There is a time and cost overhead because of the same especially when there is a need for a replacement card.  If an ID Card Printer is used, the card can be reprinted by printing the image and test details already available. The details would have got stored when it was issued at first. Hence even if there is a request for modifying the existing data, it can be done so within a matter of minutes. Even the layout can be changed and as many copies can be printed.


How does it work?

An ID card printing system uses heat to stamp the card with the required color. It can do simultaneous process even while printing on the card. It has the capacity to encode a magnetic stripe card and can mount the chip on a smart card. The system consists of a software which will be efficient in printing as well encrypting the necessary details on each card.


It is highly important for every organization to have an effective ID card printer since there will always be constant demand. The most critical part is played by the printer. The printer quality must be top class and reliable.  Not only should the manufacturer of these printers be reliable they must be flexible to meet the time constraints.


This is where we come into the picture. If you need customized cards we will provide you that in an instant. If the cards need to be personalized by using Javelin, Zebra card printer or Fargo ID printer we have got that covered as well. By linking our printer devices with databases like excel, SQL, and Oracle, we will be able to retrieve the data at a click of the mouse. In addition to that, the designing interface is easily operational for the users. The information that needs to be entered can be done manually or through an existing database.


If you are still not convinced, we also provide retransfer able printers that are faster than any of this kind. It has cutting-edge technology and the image quality will be higher than ever before.


Polaroid ID Card Machine

When it comes to small-scale industries or where the operations are on a smaller scale the perfect system that can be used are the Polaroid card printer systems. All you need is to plug and the system works like a treat.  There will not be any hassles when it comes to maintenance. Speed is an added advantage and the features are listed below-


  • Superior color quality
  • Easy to use functionality
  • Durability
  • Fast and efficient



When it comes to quality and reliability, FARGO ID card printers are the best in the business. So we are glad to inform that we at Wipaq Trading LLC are one of the popular dealers of Fargo ID card printers. We command global respect when it comes to dealing with Omnikey encoders and we are a dominant force especially in Dubai and UAE.  Through Fargo ID card printers we provide high-quality images.


The various models in Fargo ID card printing machines include Fargo HDP5000, DTC550, HDP600, DTC525, DTC500, DTC400, Persona C30 and HDP600. We present to you the whole range of Fargo products including accessories like YMCKO ribbons, YMCKOK ribbons, polyguard overlaminate rolls, Holomark seals, HDP film, HDP holographic film, printer head, black monochrome ribbons and Cleaning Kit.



Zebra ID card printers are known worldwide for their extraordinary color quality and world-class image resolution. For the educational institutions and hospitals, they come highly recommended. Find below the main features of Zebra ID card printers.


  • Superior image quality
  • High performance for card printers
  • Cost effective printing
  • Affordable cost for ID card printers
  • Edge to edge printing



If cost-effectiveness is what you look for then we have the Javelin card printers. Even though they are economical they don’t compromise on reliability. They are efficient and user-friendly. In banking sectors and employee id card making and attendance solutions, these are widely used. The magnetic swipe functionality and smart card encoding facility is provided by them as per requirements.



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